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Lindsay Story, a.k.a. Quiggley, daughter of Jack Trevor Story and Ross Woods, has suggested putting some items from her own personal collection on the web site, which I'm very pleased to do.

Lindsay has letters, articles and other bits and pieces sent to her by her father over the years. Some are articles from Punch and The Guardian which I haven't seen reprinted elsewhere. Others are more personal items which give some insight into Story's life which we certainly won't find anywhere else.

If you see a typing (or scanning) error it may well be one of Jack's - but do let me know and I'll tell you if it was his or mine, and correct mine.

Many thanks to Lindsay for making this online archive possible.

As always, the grey buttons (below) will take you to the text.


above: Lindsay Story. Car: model's own

1950 - 1952 Payment slips and a publisher's letter
60s-70s-80s Photo pages
?1988 Is Marlow Dead? - The Guardian
?1988 Letter
Sept 1988 Letter
Oct 1988 Letter
May 1988 The Fox & the Geese - The Guardian
Sept 1988 Book Review - Punch
March 1988 Bloody Wars (article in manuscript)

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