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January 2010 update

New (ish) DVD releases - see NEWS (below)

Several new entries in the Short Stories / Articles section

(Radio Times, Knave, John Bull, The Listener etc.)



Greetings site visitor.

Whether  you are scholar, avid reader or casual browser, welcome to the world's third most popular Jack Trevor Story site. I hope you enjoy your time here and do come again!

A few brave souls amongst you have stuck their heads above the parapet and written to reminisce about their acquaintance with JTS and/or his work.

One day soon I will add more of these notes to the web site.

(I reserve the right to define "soon" as I please, or according to the vagaries of fate, whichever is the later.)

As ever, I am also very keen to hear of any missing texts of Jack's, not so far listed on this site. In particular I know there must be c. 1 zillion short stories scattered about the world, possibly in your very own files'n'piles. 

Do dig 'em out & let me know. Send scans or photocopies. Tear pages out of valuable first editions. Whatever it takes.

Please note new e-mail address. Even in this obscure backwater of England (must be a good 10 miles from Charing Cross) BT have managed to boost my broadband speed from Pipex/Talk Talk's derisory 1.8 Mb to a space-age 3.04. As a result I am now here:


Looking forward to hearing from you.

Alternatively...  I hope you find what you are looking for here.

Guy Lawley, London, England, January 2013


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Des Gershon's photos of Jack are back on the site, I'm glad to say  >>

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"There is a sadness which grows from the seeds of remembered happiness; there is a weariness which springs unrequested from the remembered fountains of youth; there is a nostalgia conjured from faraway places and gone people and moments which have long since ticked into the infinite fog." 

from Danger's Child   (Sexton Blake Library no. 487)  1961

Jack Trevor Story is probably best known for two of his books which were filmed -- The Trouble With Harry (directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1955) and Live Now, Pay Later (1962) -- or for his Saturday column in the Guardian newspaper in the 1970s. He also wrote several other fine books, many film scripts, radio plays, episodes of TV drama series and sitcoms, uncountable short stories and a distinguished run of crime novellas for the Sexton Blake Library.

Story was a versatile writer who spanned the supposed divide between pulp entertainment and literary endeavour, as well as the one between the conservative humour magazine Punch and the radical journal of speculative fiction New Worlds. He wrote what he knew, and he lived on the edge of the "affluent society" of post-war England and the "swinging London" of the 1960s and 70s. In a feelgood era which celebrated upward mobility, he chronicled the lives of those who didn't make the grade. Story didn't live a comfortable life and his books aren't always comfortable reading.

His writing has been abhorred by some, but also passionately loved by many. His admirers have included Stephen Fry, Peter Sellers, Alan Moore, George Melly and Michael Moorcock, who is now his literary executor.

Despite this, his books, even those with films to boost them, were never more than modestly successful, his short stories have never been collected and his work is all out of print . (Update September 2009: with the exception of a new Print-On-Demand edition of Hitler Needs You >> .)The available information on the web to date is scattered and far from comprehensive.

This site attempts to bring together some of the existing internet resources about Story's work and add to them. If you have comments, corrections or material to contribute, I hope you will contact me, and the site will improve and grow. 

I also hope some viewers of this site will find new enjoyment in reading Story's work, or rediscover old pleasures. Perhaps too new contacts will be made amongst a virtual community who share an interest in this unique writer.

Guy Lawley, London, England. Original page date: August 2001

e-mail:   guy.lawley@btinternet.com

The author thanks David Redd, Dave Britton/all at Savoy Books, John Davey, Des Gershon, Steve Holland, Michael Moorcock, Roger Stanger, Mark Hodder, and Nick & Ann-Marie Osmond for their help in producing this site.

Mark Hodder's new Sexton Blake pages are now  open: >>  http://www.sextonblake.co.uk/index.html

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