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Someone once asked Jack Trevor Story why he didn't write an autobiography. He replied, "What do you think I've been doing all these years?" (For example, see short stories such as The Night the Brick Came Through the Window >>> )

As Michael Moorcock has written, "The fantastic episodes you read in a Jack Trevor Story novel are usually the ones drawn most directly from life. What appears to be exaggeration can easily be a toning down of the original event and what appears to be most ordinary is frequently complete invention."

In the novels, the Horace Spurgeon Fenton books (One Last Mad Embrace, Hitler Needs You, I Sit In Hanger Lane) and Crying Makes Your Nose Run perhaps come the closest to wholesale recycling of parts of the writer's life into his fiction.

Dwarf Goes To Oxford is Story's anarchic version of actual autobiographical writing, and the collections of his newspaper columns (Letters To An Intimate Stranger, Jack On The Box) contain many glimpses into his life past and contemporary. See the Books pages on this site for more details >>

While the flavour of Story's life is perhaps best found in his own writing, the links below will also take to you to other pieces which have attempted to capture something of the man and his work.

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Cross in Hand—Story's own account of his a manic episode, from the last year of his life.  New July 2006.  Thanks to Andy Wrathall for sending this piece and the one below
  A Fight for Survival in the NHS Jungle—Jack describes his experiences at the worse end of the NHS GP system in 1980, and why he and Elaine got married.       New July 2006
Lindsay's Archive - Story's daughter Lindsay has kept a treasure trove of letters from Jack, articles and other unique documents which she's lent to this site
The Jack Trevor Story Story - Story reviews his own book, Letters To An Intimate Stranger
Sexton Blake Saved My Turkey - Story's revealing account of his life as a struggling writer in the 1950s
Jack's Unforgettable Christmas - Michael Moorcock's obituary piece. The full unedited version at the Savoy Books web site. (An edited version appeared in The New Statesman Christmas supplement, 1991.)
Throwaway Friends - Story's introduction to The Russian Intelligence by Michael Moorcock. Includes Story's account of that certain Xmas. (Link to Savoy site.)
Obituary from The Guardian newspaper
Appreciation from The Guardian newspaper
Obituary from The Independent newspaper
Romantic Egotist - Brian Darwent's biography of Story
William Saroyan - the writer who inspired Story
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