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 This page is a list of known stories etc. If you'd like to read some of these pieces, the Texts page of this site (click here >) is the top page for short stories and articles from ArgosyMagpie, Punch and the Guardian. More will be added as and when possible.
Jack Trevor Story wrote a huge and uncounted number of short stories (many of them of the 1,000-words-or-less variety) and articles for an uncatalogued range of papers and magazines.

In the absence of any more definitive listing, I am listing here the names of the publications known to have carried his stories and/or articles (information gleaned from various sources). Where I have details of any Story pieces in the publication, I will list these.

For the time being I am leaving off the New Worlds appearances, detailed on the New Worlds page on this site. There is also at least one other serialisation of a novel, in a Cambridge paper, which I am not listing; details of any such appearances welcome, however, for future addition.

Clearly this list can only grow, so please send in any corrections and / or additions - also let me know if you have any magazines or papers with Story pieces for sale, or are willing to send me photocopies or scanned text. Many thanks in advance!

March 2006: Nick and Ann-Marie Osmond, who sell on eBay under the name Hoonaloon, found me a copy of Argosy for March 1951 with the JTS short The Night the Brick Came Through the Window. Many thanks for that.

I also got hold of The Television Detectives' Omnibus with JTS's Sexton Blake short story, The Man Who Was Hammered. I haven't seen this story in the Sexton Blake Library or anywhere else. If anyone knows of its origins, please let me know.

Title of Book / Magazine / Paper Known Content
Alfred Hitchcock's Mystery Magazine  
Argosy (UK) Codger King (Jan 1946)

The Root  (Sept. 1946)

Chestnut  (Sept. 1947)

Duet  (Oct. 1947)

A Room on the First Floor  (April 1948)

Pursuit  (May 1948)

The Night the Brick Came Through the Window (March 1951)

Steps in the Night  (Feb 1952)

A Nestling   (June 1952)

Sea and Sad Voices  (Dec. 1969)

Sentimental Murder  (May 1970)

Club International Thursday Afternoon Early Closing  (Vol.4, No. 10, Oct. 1975)
The Evening Standard  
The Guardian Regular Saturday column, early 1970s.

Also many occasional pieces after the end of the regular column, through until the 80s

Native Air (short story) 3rd April 1972   (also appears in Triangles, Hutchinson hardback book ed. Alex Hamilton, 1973)

The Hampstead and Highgate Express

(a.k.a. the "Ham & High")

Weekly column, 1970s (according to Brian Darwent, a jazz column)

I've never seen any of these! (As of May 2010)


John Bull


New to the Job    (Sep 17th 1949)

Our Charlie Strikes a Light   (Jan 7th, 1950)

The Going of Marigold Bridge    (Jan 14th, 1950)

Happy Birthday  (Feb 23rd, 1952)

Manchester Sees the Light  (Mar 8th, 1952)

Charlie and the Sneezing Oak  (June 14th, 1952)

Paper Chase  (Aug 16th, 1952)

Happy Go Sammy     (Oct 4th, 1952)

Uncle Thomas and the Wall of Death    (Apr 3rd, 1954)

My Son Hadrian      (Sept 14th, 1957)

John O'London's  



Mr Soderberg and the Secret of the Yashmak (Vol. 9, No. 1,  Jan 1977)

(non-fiction, despite what the cover and contents page say!)

Lilliput Dum-Dum-Abumadum    (Jan - Feb 1952)
The Listener


Cockney Sin Drome  (Aug 22nd, 1974)

Sun spots   (Dec 19th & 26th, 1974)

The London Mystery Magazine


Fame for Ferdinand   (Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec 1949)


My Mother’s Second Husband   (March 1952)

Sentimental Murder     (May 1952)

Mrs Samaritan and the Distressed Gentlewoman    (June1952)

Aunt Letitia’s Dilemma    (July 1952)

Our Maudie and the Stately Home (Jan 1953)

Strictly Rural    (Jan 1953)

Mayfair The Notorious Mrs Kelly  (Vol. 8, No. 3, March 1973)
The Okay Adventure Annual Wulfric of the Fens (undated hardback children's book, circa 1955;  published by Boardman)

Cops and Robbers (another  undated hardback, circa 1955;  Boardman)

Punch Two Old Men In Deck-Chairs (Sept 16th 1988)

Pick Of Punch (hardback annual collections) 1981, 1982 and 1987 each contain one short piece by Story (possibly other years do too)

The Punch Book of Short Stories

(Hardback and paperback editions)

Vol.1, 1979    Soldier, Soldier

Vol. 2, 1980   Cricket

Vol.3, 1981   The Investment

Radio Times (non-fiction)



Rachel takes to the hills  (Nov 9th - 15th, 1974) - Interview with actor Rachel Roberts

A legend in his own loincloth  (Aug 2nd - 8th, 1975) - Johnny Weissmuller

A chance of  a ghost  (Nov 29th - Dec 5th, 1975) - A "haunted" abbey

The Sexton Blake Library The Penny Murder, in Sexton Blake  Library 435, September 1959. Read it here >>  

In The Red,  in Sexton Blake  Library 499, May 1962.

Short Story Library

Daddy’s Last Magpie    (Nov 1981)

Miss Marbles Makes Her Mark    (Dec 1981)

The Sunday Times  
The Television Detectives' Omnibus The Man Who Was Hammered. A Sexton Blake short story.

Unknown whether this first appeared anywhere else.

TV Times July 31st - Aug 6th 1971, unknown content
Romance Digest David Redd writes (March 2005): Phil Harbottle of Wallsend once told me he thought Story was the anonymous editor of "Romance Digest" -  a 1954 paperback from Dragon Books which included single pieces from the likes of Ruby M.Ayres and Ursula Bloom, and two JTS stories - Love and Pickering, and A Time for Dreaming

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