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Lindsay's Archivecolumns, letters and other unique items from the collection of daughter Lindsay Story  >>
The Uncollected Guardian pieces − no less than 27 columns from 1972-1973, never reprinted anywhere else, courtesy of  long-time JTS collector Roger Stanger  >>  
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Short stories
  Title Source
Shabby Weddings New Worlds 221, Winter 1996
The Root Argosy, September 1946
Chestnut Argosy, September 1947
Pursuit Argosy, May 1948
The Night the Brick Came Through the Window Argosy, March 1951
Sea and Sad Voices Argosy, Dec 1969
Sentimental Murder Magpie, May 1952
  edited version of the above  Argosy, May 1970
Our Maudie and the Stately Home Magpie, January 1953
Thursday Afternoon Early Closing Club International, Oct 1975
The Notorious Mrs Kelly Mayfair Vol.8 No.3,  March 1973
Native Air The Guardian, April 3rd 1972
Cricket Punch Book of Short Stories 2, 1980
She Used To Like Waltzes Pick Of Punch 1982
The Penny Murder The Sexton Blake Library, Sep 1959
In The Red The Sexton Blake Library, May 1962

Children's Stories

Wulfric of the Fens Okay Adventure Annual 195-?

Other pieces

As I Was Saying The Guardian, May 27th 1974
Ink In Your Veins Pick Of Punch 1981
Drying Out Time Pick Of Punch 1987
Is Marlow Dead? The Guardian,  ?? 1988
The Fox and the Geese The Guardian, May 7th 1988
Bloody Wars Manuscript, March 1988
Two Old Men In Deck-Chairs Punch, Sept 16th 1988

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