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Stacey Hill Farm, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, England



Dear Lin:

I never have time to write a decent letter. Now that I've sold and signed the Alberts and Harry [1] to W. H. Allen and can at last buzz off to Africa or Israel ‑ I have friends there - I felt able to concentrate on a new novel and it is going well. I had the happy thought that if Albert is coming out in two big books next spring, as promised, then I would have published at the same time a sequel - what happened after he was killed. It is called The Sausage Factory[2] ‑ you will like it. It profits from my having just read the Axelrod book (I can't remember the title). It is set in a brothel in Hitchin. The leading guy is Marchmont and he goes with Kathleen who is one of Albert's throwaways ‑ so he has to live up to Albert, dot dot dot. You may remember Marchmont from The Wind In The Snottygobble Tree and Fraud Squad (tv). He is an Albert look-alike.

People like your daughter[3]. This letter is from Vi. When she talks about Ern she is talking about BBC1 every Wed night at 8.30. Her son is a famous band leader, now with Joe Longhorn, was with Vince Hill, to be glimpsed playing the piano.

Also I just played it to Boyd and Evans they think it very good as a new radio approach with no boring "and what is your new film?" I am going there to dins Saturday coming.

Stop the Guardian ‑ my man has gone and Rusbridger only likes my short stories, he says. Punch has written by the same post asking me for more ‑ should have £150 from them tomorrow, new slacks, new shoes and who knows. I'm waiting for £1,250 first half from the publishers. Bout bloody time, eh?

Tara[4], I will let you know if there are any developments. Keep up your practise. If you’re 16 now next year you'll have wrinkles. Elaine cried when she was eighteen, honestly. She could no longer be considered a child prodigy, she said. If we are asked to do more we'll adjust the balance ‑ I want you a bit louder. I have more script points ‑ not to be read, but as cuff notes. Nichola, I love you too but you have got to watch me.

                 Grandad    Jack    Big G   (tick the one)

[1] The Albert Argyle trilogy and The Trouble With Harry were to be published in new editions by Allison & Busby (part of W H Allen) in 1989

[2] Published as Albert Rides Again

[3] It sounds as if Story has taped one of his grandaughters performing or speaking and tried to interest radio producers in using it. Possibly the string trio referred to in a previous letter? Or the guitar playing seen in the photo from Lindsay's archive?

[4] Tara and Nichola/Nikki are Lindsay Story’s daughters


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