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Lin: You are what we yanks call a good old girl and I want you to share my books. These enclosed are now ours ‑ sometimes I shall borrow one back. They are all very important books in my life and sometimes in Ross's life ‑ but you will find her in the Marconi magazine pages, not mentioned perhpsa but all these people in the MI section (what I wrote myself) were our daily friends. Frank Lloyd (see tennis) brought us together ‑ we used to baby‑sit for him, our first naughty explorations.

From time to time I will shoot some more off - I particularly want you to get to know Frank Harris and F Scott Fitzgerald, my heroes. Orwell is best started in his fiction, as I had my nose rubbed into Keep The Aspidistra Flying by Ronnie Wolfe (On The Buses - Ross did all his typing at Marconi's but objected to some of his jokes! Wouldn't you know.





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