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 Not a definitive list. Information from Steve Holland, to whom many thanks, and from my collection. Corrections and additions welcomed. 

TITLES as BRET HARDING Date / Publisher Cover where available
Pinetop Jones - Fugitive 1953  
Guns Of Pecos 1953  
Pine Top Jones - Renegade 1953  
Pine Top Jones - Vigilante 1954  
Blood Feud 1954   Panther (hardback)  
California in the Morning 1954   Panther (hardback)  
Oregon Grab 1954   Panther (hardback)
South of Arroyo 1954  Panther  (hardback)  
Appointment in Topeka 1954  Panther  (hardback)  
Corpse to Colorado 1955  Panther  (hardback)


I wonder what readers made of Bret Harding's high falootin' ambitions for the Western novel in 1954?

This is from the back cover of Corpse to Colorado and Oregon Grab

TITLES as ALEX ATWELL Date / Publisher  
Brother Satan 1954  
Legacy of Lead 1954  Panther  (paperback)
Horse Thief Trail 1954  

as Western Monthly no.127

Shakespeare Head Press


"Horsethief Trail" on cover

"Horse Thief Trail" inside

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