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Basic Bibliography  &  How To Buy
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The Trouble With Harry 1949
Protection For A Lady 1950
Green to Pagan Street  1952
The Trouble With Trudy 1955  (In ...Harry p/back edition)
Murder On My Mind  1955
The Money Goes Round and Round 1958
Mix Me A Person 1961
Man Pinches Bottom 1962
Live Now Pay Later 1963
Something For Nothing 1963
The Urban District Lover 1964
I Sit In Hanger Lane 1968
Dishonourable Member 1969
One Last Mad Embrace 1970
Hitler Needs You 1970
Little Dog's Day 1971
The Wind In The Snottygobble Tree 1971
Crying Makes Your Nose Run 1974
Morag's Flying Fortress 1976
Up River (a.k.a. The Screwrape Lettuce) 1979
Albert Rides Again  1990
Shabby Weddings 1991   (only part of this published)


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The Season of the Skylark (1957) 1970
The Blonde & the Boodle (1957) 1970
Company of Bandits (1965) 1972

  COLLECTIONS (non-fiction)

Letters to an Intimate Stranger 1972
Jack on the Box 1979


Dwarf goes to Oxford 1987


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Romance Digest (1954) see Short Stories section
  NOVEL AS "Rex Riotti"
Scarlet Widow  1953
  PINETOP JONES WESTERNS by "Bret Harding"  
Pinetop Jones - Fugitive  1953
Guns Of Pecos  1953
Pine Top Jones - Renegade  1953
Pine Top Jones - Vigilante  1954
Blood Feud  1954
California in the Morning  1954
Oregon Grab  1954
South of Arroyo  1954
Appointment in Topeka  1954
Corpse to Colorado  1955
  WESTERNS AS "Alex Atwell"
Brother Satan  1954
Legacy of Lead  1954
Horse Thief Trail  1954
Horse Thief Trail was previously listed as "Horse Thief Canyon" which appears to be incorrect
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Thanks to Steve Holland for some of the more obscure details


From the late 1970s, Manchester (England)-based publisher Savoy brought out paperback editions of books by Michael Moorcock, Henry Treece, Jack Trevor Story and others. Details (including how to order titles still available) can be found here:

<< link to Savoy Books web site

<< the Savoy page on this site


The Savoy editions can be bought from the Savoy web site or by e-mail request from Jayde Design; e-mail They can also be ordered from bookshops though you can expect to wait several weeks for the shop to get the book(s).
No other editions are currently in print. Good luck searching the second hand book shops, or you may care to try the following resources:

The Advanced Book Exchange (ABE) is a huge searchable network of second hand book dealers all over the world. Just go to their web page and type "Jack Trevor Story" or a book title into the search engine. If you find the book(s) you want you can then order from the dealer direct or sometimes via ABE's own electronic payment system. Sexton Blake Library titles and magazines with JTS stories are also listed.

Zardoz Books deals in old pulps including Sexton Blake Library and the short story magazines like Argosy, many of which have JTS shorts. Click on the next blue bit to visit their web page 

If you know of any other good sources of Story's books or have any for sale and would like to be linked to the site, please let me know. You can e-mail me, Guy Lawley at  Occasionally I have a spare Story or two myself, which I will let go to a good home for a reasonable price.

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