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 FILM  Not definitive lists. Corrections and additions welcomed.
Contrary to the belief of some who really should know better (see for example the Making Of... documentary on the Trouble With Harry DVD) Jack Trevor Story did not act in Alfred Hitchcock's early film Champagne (1928). That was Jack Trevor. No Story. And so there is no story. Our man would have been about 11 years old at the time; a little precocious to be playing "the Officer". Perhaps this was one of Hitchcock's little jokes. Or just another case of mistaken identity... JTS didn't write any of David Storey or William Trevor's books either.
The Trouble With Harry


Available on DVD

Dir. Alfred Hitchcock. Scripted by John Michael Hayes. 

A very faithful adaptation of Story's book, despite the story being transplanted from old England to New England.

Stars Edmund Gwenn, John Forsythe and Shirley MacLaine in her first film role. Said to be Hitchcock's second favourite of all his films, though its black humour with a light touch is very atypical Hitchcock, and it was not a major success in the USA. The French apparently loved it.

These Dangerous Years   1957

Dir. Herbert Wilcox. Produced by Wilcox & Anna Neagle.

Script by Story. A young pop singer (Frankie Vaughan) is drafted into the army. I've seen a dodgy DVD copy with a reel or so missing. A tense drama with good local Liverpool delinquent youth detail in the early scenes. Not too much singing.

Cast includes George Baker, Eddie Byrne, Thora Hird, Kenneth Cope, John Le Mesurier, David McCallum. AKA Dangerous Years, AKA Dangerous Youth.

Wonderful Things 1958 Cast includes Eddie Byrne, Wilfred Hyde-White, Frankie Vaughan.
The Heart Of A Man   


Another Wilcox/Neagle production. Script by Story & Pamela Bower.

Pop vocalist Frankie Vaughan plays a sailor and would-be singer, desperate to earn 100 in a month, having been promised 1,000 by a down-and-out who claims to be wealthy, if he can earn the first 100 himself. Anne Heywood & Anthony Newley also in the cast.

Daft tale, of some "period" interest; 50s London with its underworld, gambling, music biz and boxing.

Invasion Quartet

DVD released 2009 (Australia)


Spike Milligan comedy. Dir. Jay Lewis.

Story by Norman Collins, script by Story and John Briley.

World War 2 storyline; Spike and 3 pals decide to go to occupied Europe to put a big German gun out of action... hilarity ensues, presumably. Cast includes Bill Travers, John Le Mesurier, Millicent Martin.

Postman's Knock

Made in 1961, release date 1962. 

DVD released 2009 (Australia)

Spike Milligan comedy. Dir. Robert Lynn. Script: Story & John Briley. A village postman is reassigned to the big city. Hilarity ensues. Or not. Cast includes Barbara Shelley, Warren Mitchell, Arthur Mullard, Lance Percival.

Live Now, Pay Later    


Dir. Jay Lewis. Script by Story. Very close to the book... not surprising since the film script probably came first. Ian Hendry plays Albert Argyle, ace salesman on the early 1960s hire purchase scene.           More LNPL stuff here >> 

Mix Me A Person  1962 

DVD released 2009 (Australia)

Dir. Leslie Norman.  Script Ian Dalrymple, book by Story (based on the Sexton Blake novella Nine O'Clock Shadow ). Stars Anne Baxter, Donald Sinden and Adam Faith (who later played Budgie) with Alfred Burke (who later starred in Public Eye) and Anthony Booth. Stills from the film >> 

 TELEVISION Friendly Jack Story coppers; from No Hiding Place & Dixon (centre)
September 2005: Simon Coward has kindly sent me a lot of new information, originating from research which he, Christopher Perry and the late Richard Down have done for two sets of books. One set, the British Independent Television Drama Guide 1955-2005 was published earlier in 2005, and Chris and Simon are currently working on a BBC equivalent with an intended publication date sometime in 2006.

I will identify these data with Simon Coward's initials thus: SC

Thanks very much indeed, Simon.

Simon's web site can be found here:
Theatre Royal 1956 "The Lovebirds" [06/04/56] SC
Escapers Club 1956 [SC: "The Key To Colditz" [06/01/56], "The Sixty Second Escape" [20/01/56], "The Rhine Maiden" [03/02/56], "Cupboard Love" [17/02/56], "Dutch Porcelain" [13/04/56], "The Butterworth Story" [27/04/56], "Stolen Journey" [11/05/56], "The Pit" [25/05/56]. Each script is credited as "Adapted by Jack Trevor Story."]
No Hiding Place 1959-1967 Long-running police drama, made by Rediffusion. Very few episodes survive on tape. [SC:"Pom-Pom" [22/02/65], "The Ring Of Truth" [22/12/65], "The Old Pals Act" [18/05/66], "The Killing" [29/06/66] were scripted by Story.] Starred Raymond Francis as Detective Chief Superintendent Lockhart.
Public Eye 1965-1968


Acclaimed drama from ABC/Thames TV, about a down-at-heel private detective, played by Alfred Burke. Created by Roger Marshall & Anthony Marriot. Only one episode known to be scripted by Story; "Tell Me About The Crab." [SC: 27/08/66] This B&W episode is NOT included on the DVD release.
The Unusual Miss Mulberry ? "Till Death Us Do Part" [untransmitted]. It wasn't just Jack's episode of The Unusual Miss Mulberry that was untransmitted - the whole series was canned half way into production and nothing was ever shown. SC
Thirty Minute Theatre 1966-67 "O-Goshi" [28/11/66], "Later A Man Was Questioned" [01/02/67] He may have scripted others; I'm not sure. SC
Armchair Thriller 06/05/67 "In The Name Of The Law" SC
The Informer 1967 "The Sacrifice" [09/10/67], "Where There's Muck There's Money" [30/10/67], "The Flat Season" [18/12/67] SC
Dixon Of Dock Green 1955-1976 The BBC's genre-defining police drama, created by Ted Willis. [SC: "Zandra" [21/10/67]; not sure if that episode is the only one he wrote.]
Market In Honey lane 1968 "Third Party Risk" [25/01/68] SC
Fraud Squad 1969 "All Clean And Paid For" [17/06/69], "Where's George?" [01/07/69] SC


DVD released 2006

Keith Waterhouse & Willis Hall's much-loved comic drama about hapless Londoner Ronald "Budgie" Bird, played by Adam Faith. Pulled between two women, used and abused by gangster Charlie Endall (Iain Cuthbertson), his luck just never came in.

The script for the episode "A Pair Of Charlies" is credited to Waterhouse and Hall "based on a storyline by Jack Trevor Story". Big thanks to the Savoy team for this information.

The Best Things In Life 1969-1970 ATV sitcom, 13 episodes. Script by Bernard Botting, Story & Adele Rose. Mabel (June Whitfield) has been engaged to her parents' lodger Alfred (Harry H. Corbett) for 11 years; the trouble is, he prefers it that way. Bob Todd also in the cast.

Link to more at BBCi  comedy pages >> 

You're Only Young Twice 1971 ATV sitcom. Dir. David Askey. Script by Story. Original title The Twilighters rejected by ATV. Six 30-minute episodes. Exploits of six men unwillingly resident in the Twilight Lodge old people's home, determined to grow old disgracefully.  Among the cast: Adrienne Corri as Matron, Liam Redmond as Henry Armitage. Not to be confused with Yorkshire TV's sitcom of 1977-81 with Peggy Mount (which sounds like the same "sit") or the 1952 movie, both of the same name.

Link to more at BBCi  comedy pages >> 

One Man's Week ? .
Personal Report ? .
Jack On The Box 1979 ATV series, based on Story's columns from the Guardian, Punch etc. Story interviews people and past scenes are recreated by actors. Directed by Pat Ingram and co-produced by Pat & John Ingram. I wish I'd seen it! But at least I can read the Savoy book  >> 
Doctor Who 1986 Story worked on Trial Of A Timelord, the troubled 23rd season of this program, starring Colin Baker. The whole season was one long tale; Story was assigned one of the "defence evidence" parts, set in the future, episodes 11 & 12. His scripts, and those of the other "defence" writer David Halliwell, were reportedly rejected by story editor Eric Saward. More details here:
 RADIO Jack Trevor Story wrote some. Apparently. Details welcome. Also tapes!
Further details about many of the above can be found at the Internet Movie Database. Click on the red button >>      and when you get there, type Jack Trevor Story into their search engine
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